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How to choose your law firm in Bulgaria

From the time it’s an EU member Bulgaria set itself as a reliable and known trading partner. Businesses from all kinds recognize it as a prospective destination for investments. In the article “Company Formation in Bulgaria,” we looked into some popular corporate formations.

In this article, we’ll talk about choosing a law firm and some specifics of the Bulgarian market. Legal matters are of great importance when you want to establish a business in a foreign country. The law firm will assist you with legal advice and legal representation, if necessary. Choosing the right legal partner saves you the stress and the expenses.

Why choose a Bulgarian law firm?

  • A Bulgarian law firm knows the law and its enforcement from first hand.

    Bulgarian laws, like any other country’s laws, have countless specific details. Their thorough understanding and enforcement require great dedication and experience. A Bulgarian legal advisor or law firm would have this comprehensive understanding. A local law office working with foreign clients naturally has accurate knowledge about both Bulgarian and international law.

  • Knowledge of institutions and their working culture

    Every administration has its own rules. Bulgarian legal practitioners are familiar with those of Bulgarian institutions. Knowing how the administration works and the details surrounding necessary legal steps could be of great importance.

  • Valuable insights and local background

    A local lawyer can give insight into the market situation and the banking and finance system. You want to invest in real estate on the Black Sea, for example. A local law office can advise on favourable properties and partnerships. Legal advice from a law firm with local background knowledge can save you money, time and issues.

What type of law firm would suit your legal needs?

Your legal needs depend on the type of business you want to establish. A physical person could benefit from the services of a sole lawyer. Most of the companies would need more comprehensive legal service for their scope of activities. A business aimed at renewable energy requires different expertise from a transportation company.

It’s good to have a starting point and know what type would suit your needs best. There are three options for legal advisors in Bulgaria. We will discuss each of them shortly to present you with the possibilities you have.

A Sole lawyer or attorney at law

This is a law firm founded and owned by one legal practitioner.  Often sole lawyers work alone. Sometimes the sole lawyer can hire other legal practitioners to work on legal matters that are not in his competency.

Sole lawyers are normally competent in one or two coherent law areas, such as family law and inheritance law, for example. This could limit your possibilities in terms of areas of expertise. Especially if you are looking to establish a more complex business structure. Then you will need legal advice in multiple areas of law.

Also, however, experienced a sole lawyer might be, he can take only a certain amount of workload. In some cases, the legal services of a partnership law firm would suit your legal needs better.

A Law Firm

A law firm is a partnership between legal practitioners and includes at least two lawyers. Naturally, the members of such partnership must have the right to practise. Besides, a lawyer could be a partner only in one law firm.

Because of their specific law firms normally allow larger teams with competences in many law areas. Such a firm can provide legal aid for all your corporate departments.

You can receive legal advice on commercial law, labour law and tax law, for example. Additionally, a law firm can distribute the workload between its legal practitioners. Thus, it can cut the time for executing necessary legal steps.

Often foreign businesses prefer to work with law firms as the legal assistance is more comprehensive. The possibility to have legal representation for almost every area of Bulgarian laws is a great benefit of partnership law firms.

Law firms and their legal practitioners are not allowed to represents clients with contradicting interests. This is another benefit of this formation.

Things to consider when choosing a Bulgarian law firm

As mentioned before, a local law firm is a preferred choice for the more comprehensive knowledge of local law practice and administrative rules. However, there are thousands of lawyers in Bulgaria and even more law firms. It is important to choose the best legal partner. We try to cover a few main aspects to look for.

Does the law firm provide legal advice in the fields you require?

Naturally, you want to search for a law office or solicitor with expertise in the fields you require.

Law firms often provide services in multiple areas. Usually, they have in-house experts for linked fields of law. For example, a law firm can have experts for property law and administrative law. This is convenient if you want to establish a company in Bulgaria or open a representative office. 

It is important to check the expertise of the law firm. If you need a consultation about investment in Bulgaria, a law firm specialising in family law won't help. Oftentimes, you can rely on a great scope of services in a law firm.

Experience and expertise

You should consider the years of practice the experts have. Lawyers with years of experience better understand the practical application of the law.

It is advisable to choose a law firm with experts who have at least several years of experience. Meet its representatives and talk about your requirements. The conversation will show you the experience and the understanding of the experts.

Is the law firm recognized by trusted local and international associations?

Local and international associations recognise trustworthy law firms. You can check if the law firm collaborates with national or international institutions. International legal ratings such as Legal500 and Chambers and Partners experts distinguish law firms that provide legal services of the highest standard. This information will assure you that experts with comprehensive knowledge work in the company and may provide full service.

Is the law firm present in a Bulgarian Bar Association?

The establishment of a law firm in Bulgaria requires certain actions. One of them is the registration of the firm in a public register and the respective Bar Association, e.g. Sofia Bar.

A simple thing to do beforehand is to check if the law firm is present in those registers.

Danailova, Todorov and Partners is a renowned law firm with years of experience in international and Bulgarian law. Through the years the company is distinguished by several international legal institutions. Among them are Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

This is what the internationally recognised ranking companies wrote about Danailova, Todorov and Partners Law Firm:

Legal 500: “Highly regarded for its public transport infrastructure expertise”

Chambers and Partners: “Well-respected domestic firm that is a popular choice for construction, manufacturing, transport and recruitment clients”

Danailova, Todorov and Partners collaborate with the IFC and World Bank and other worldwide financial institutions. The legal experts working with the company have expertise in a wide range of areas. Such as corporate law, real estate, labour and tax law, public procurement, transport and renewable energy law to name a few. The law firm provides its clients with key-turn solutions and full scope of services.

Family law and criminal law are not among the expertise of the company. But you can count on us for any other legal issue: from the draft of documents to dispute resolutions. Read more about our service and contact us. We will be pleased to support you!