Road Act Amendments

As of 22.12.2015, the Road Act (RA) was amended and an alternative to the vignette fee was introduced – a fee for distance travelled (Toll fee), which allows a vehicle to travel the distance between two points on a certain road or road section. Only heavy-load vehicles are envisaged to pay the Toll fee. The Toll fee is expected to be introduced after the introduction of the National System for the collection of road infrastructure usage fees, which includes the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). EETS can be provided by suppliers, registered in the Register of EETS Suppliers at the “Road Infrastructure” Agency. There is currently no information on the terms and conditions regarding the registration procedure.

According to the amendments to the Road Traffic Act (RTA) drivers will be required to provide, when necessary, a valid payment document (receipt, invoice) as proof of payment of the respective fee (vignette, Toll).

Pursuant to a Decree of the Council of Ministers from 17.11.2015 the vignette fees were increased. According to the motives attached to the bill amending the RA, the funds necessary for maintenance of the road network that were collected through payment of vignette fees, were not enough, which in turn resulted in the raise.


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