Issuance, refusal and revocation of third-country nationals’ work permits

Тhe Ordinance of the terms and conditions for the issuance, refusal and revocation of third-country nationals’ work permits in Republic of Bulgaria has been amended and the new supplement introduces a simplified procedure, regarding the exercising of highly qualified employment by third-country nationals. The chief executive officer of the Employment agency will issue a written decision for granting the exercising, if the following cumulative conditions are fulfilled: the job has to be included in a List of professions, for which there is a shortage in highly qualified specialists; the third-country national shall be in possession of a higher education diploma, which has to be officially recognised in Bulgaria; the labour contract should be concluded for more than 12 months and the gross labour remuneration should be at least three times higher from the average wages per employee in Bulgaria according to the data from the last 12 months preceding the date of the labour contract.

The first List of professions shall be approbated by the Minister of labour and social policy until 31.01.2016.


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